Smart Advice : Robo Advisor Based on Artificial Intelligence

Now, money management and investment decision making process are super easy. Be ready for the top quality investment service with full confidence.


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Smart Advice is the future of money management. It empowers you with regular investment advices to have better returns. It helps you to give smart and well informed investment decisions in a minute without being an expert.

The Robo Advisor prevents human errors and irrational financial decisions. It keeps improving in accuracy and efficiency.


Smart Advice has a new generation technology which makes billions of calculations every day for millions of customers.

It follows the markets continuously and feeds the AI input layer.

The system architecture instantly transmits robo advisor's results to the web services for each customer, then provides the outputs in a millisecond.

Smart Advice is ready for deployment with 13 web services.


The AI was developed by deep learning and LSTM method.

Dropout process was applied to training set to overcome the outfit problem.

The AI was trained by using controlled learning. Gradient descent optimization algorithm was used for finding the minimum of a function.

It offers a portfolio model composed of investment funds and equities.

The artificial neural networks convert the outputs to return expectations.


Smart Advice presents investment advices’ results at every moment.

It generates significant better returns. It outperforms the benchmark indices and market averages.

These results are calculated separately for each customer.

Just ask for e demo and try as long as you like.

Robo Advisors are at stage.

They are one of the most important innovations in wealth management.

What is a Robo Advisor? What are the benefits?

What is a Robo Advisor? What are the benefits?

Robo Advisors have been one of the most important agenda items of financial technologies recently. They are growing rapidly today. It is expected that 10% of the world's total assets will be managed by them in the following 3 years.

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